Yirmumah Mocks Terri Schiavo Case + New Yirmumah Book Available

I have no idea what side of the issue DJ Coffman is taking with today’s Yirmumah installment but Feedy the Angry Feeding Tube is morbidly funny for some reason.

Also Coffman has a new book out – Yirmumah Strips #1 is available to the public at Comixpress. More on the book after the break.

Coffman writes, “Only 2.99 for this full color bad boy, packed with all those strips from July-December 2004, plus much more!”

Read Andrea Speed’s review HERE!

Andy says: “It’s raucous, raw, and sometimes nasty, but usually hilarious, and what more could you ask for?”





  1. I just got sick of the parade on TV about this Schiavo case. And I think that husband guy is a dick. They should let those parents continue to care for her until they officially rule her brain dead — she sure seems responsive to me.

  2. I think this link addresses the point DJ raises. Unfortunately, too many people assume their snap judgement about the case via television is superior to the judgement of the courts that have listened to all the expert testimony submitted by both sides.

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