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  1. Ok, I took last year’s nomination of PA for best website design as a sign that these awards aren’t based on much beyond popularity. And, considering PA’s site hasn’t changed since maybe 2002 at the latest, why are they up for that award again? Is this some sort of joke?

  2. Well, I think things are moving away from the popularity contest, looking at the nominations this year. But yeah, I agree with you on this point. Inverloch is much prettier and Ornery Boy is much more clever about it’s presentation.

    I think it’s a category that needs trimming though. All listed were variations of the same theme.

  3. Within reason, the awards are based on who got the most nominations, pure and simple. The only category for which age is a factor is “Best Newcomer.”

    Penny Arcade’s design doesn’t really do it for me– I like my comics front and center, thankyouverymuch– but it does show a certain visual flair, and I have to give it a couple of points just for showing that a webcomics homepage could work without a webcomic.

    And honestly, looking at the other nominees in that category, it’s really, really difficult to cling to the belief that it’s just a popularity contest. I don’t have firm figures in front of me, but I’m willing to bet ORNERY BOY does not outclick MEGATOKYO. It’s not perfect– I don’t know what PA is doing in Character Design– but it’s much improved.

  4. Oops, Will G just said all the relevant things I said in half the words.

    I hate it when he does that.

  5. But PA’s site is far from well designed. I’m sure when it came out it was something, but it’s fairly standard now. It’s like saying Megatokyo should get a nomination for best coloring. Their archives are a pain to hunt and peck through and their pages are known to break. Do they have a style to them? Sure. But there are plenty of other sites with much cleaner designs and plenty of innovative features. Don’t get me wrong, I read PA every update, but their site design isn’t worthy of nomination. I remember Tycho said something last time about how weird it was getting nominated for it. “Best Website Design” nominees should be people with interesting new layouts or, at the very least, people who’ve updated their design in the last 3 years.

  6. Honestly? I think it was just a case of “Ah, jeeze. I need a third nominee. What’s the first thing I can think of?” and nothing more.

  7. Man… I never get nominated for anything.

    If you’re not going to have a “Best Adult Content Comic” can’t we at least have “Most Troublesome Comic Artist” catagory?

    Awww who am I kidding. Kurtz would still kick my ass.

    Oh well, if I need validation I can always look towards my masturbating fangirls. Stop laughing, I’ve gotta have at least a couple.

  8. Ghastly’s Ghastly comic and Sexy Losers should band together and push the “best adult content” category. It’s the movement of the masses, people

  9. Everyone marching down the street, hand in… um…

  10. Scary Go Round is going to become like Susan Lucci in the Best Comic category – always nominated, never wins.

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