Disposable Parts Anthology Book Premieres At Mocca

bagochips’s new anthology comic book, Disposable Parts has been released to preorders, and will be premiering at MoCCa Art Festival next weekend, on June 11th.

Disposable Parts will also be available at Comic-Con in July and Otakon in August.

Disposable Parts features several webcartoonists including:

Leigh Bader – Schism
Brian Clevinger – 8-bit Theatre
Aaron Farber – Men In Hats
Meredith Gran – Skirting Danger
Mohammad “Hawk” Haque – Apple Geeks
Ian Jones-Quartey – RPG World
David McGuire – Fox and Apple
Josh Mirman – Punks and Nerds, Stubble
Ananth Panagariya – Apple Geeks
Jon Rosenberg – Goats
Jeff Rowland – Wigu, Overcompensating
Hans Tseng – Directions of Destiny

And an “introduction” comic by Ryan North