4th July – Celebrations Day

It's not only America that's celebrating something today. Beaver and Steve are celebrating their 200th strip. It doesn't seem that long ago that they were celebrating the 100th strip. The new strip coincides with the new change of updates to the new Tuesdays & Friday's updating.

Although it's about a week away (and I won't be guest blogging then), the fantastic Multiplex is turning the grand old age of one on the 10th July. Gordon McAlpin (creator of Multiplex) hopes to actually get the strip upto #75 on that date.

Pre-orders for Ninja Bunny's first book are coming sometime this week. The book expands the already popular Wind, Rain and Thunder saga from the site.

And finally (I sound like a news reporter now, hehe), The Devil and Ted have just unveiled their new site design. Got a new logo at top, a counter and funky different sections – check it out!