Monday Isn’t Over Until It’s Over!

I've got to read Yirmumah very well (I don't know why that is). This week DJ Coffman starts Yirmumah : ORIGINS! introducing all the characters from way back when and how they became to be like they are today.

Little Terrors is having a small break inbetween chapters and so is running a guest week. The line up this week includes Eddie Bowley, Joe Dunn and others. So go check that out!

Joystiq is trying to find out which webcomic strip is the best from the gaming department. Such webcomics included in the poll are Little Gamers, VG Cats and Penny Arcade. Click to decide here

Scary Go Round's Scary Idol has finally posted the list of 92 entrants into their competition. Only 20 or so comics have been put up but you finally get a chance to see some of the impressive artwork from other people.