Anniversaries at The Nice, and two new comics at

Thomas Deeny’s Planet Earth (and other tourist traps) reached the two-year mark on June 28th, outpacing the original printed version of the strip. Planet Earth (and other tourist traps) is based off of an earlier comics work, which ran for four semesters in The Texas A&M Battalion. PE(aott) is published (more or less) every weekday.

Also, Syke’s Shivae Studios will be in its fifth year of producing online comics as of August. Jodi Tong’s comic strip Lang Lang turned four on July 3rd.

Starting on July 7th, Clay Welch’s comic strip about a strange being with even stranger abilities, Kozy K, begins online publication at The strips featured at the web site are reprints of the strip’s original one year run in The Texas A&M Battalion. Kozy K will be published every weekday.

Also in reprint news, Spade Phillips, P.I. will be launched on August 4th. Matt Kowalski’s daily comic strip about a drunken private investigator was featured in The Texas A&M Battalion for over three years. Matt is in the process of revamping the strip and renaming it Gangbusters!. (The Gangbusters! site is still under development, but about 30 strips are available to be read.)



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  1. I realized a bit late that I’m not starting my fifth year… I just ENDED the fifth year and am starting on the sixth year!

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