UNA Frontiers: For those who like it post-apocalyptic!

Three hundred years after a cataclysmic war with space-based weapons, human civilization has barely clawed its way back to a nineteenth-century standard of living. Sail, steam and living horsepower are once again the mainstays of life. High technology survives only in isolated enclaves such as the undersea city of New Atlantis. Such wealth, however, is a prize for anyone with the force to grab it, and these doctrinaire pacifists find out to their regret that human nature hasn’t changed one whit in the last three centuries. With their home in the hands of a brutal South American empire, two Neoatlantian refugees must seek help from the Union of North America and its allies. One of these refugees is human. The other… something else. Separated from each other, each must make their way through a huge, startling new world. If you like robust adventure, likeable heroes, hissable villains, technological contrasts, political intrigues and all with a dash of post-apocalyptic flavour, then UNA Frontiers may be right up your alley! Follow the link off the Coydog Press homepage

UNA Frontiers is not a “Mad Max” scenario by any means – no trite mohawk-headed punks here! This is an intricately conceived collection of north american societies that has rebuilt itself back from the ashes over three centuries’ time, with a complex and developed culture, though with flavours remniscent of the tech of the late 19th/early twentieth centuries. Think ‘Future Steampunk’ and you’ll get an idea.

Like horses? You’d better… the only powered vehicles left in most areas run on alcohol or steam, and private motor vehicles are pretty much limited to the rich. Aviation is back to balloons and airships, and the world’s only remaining jets (and significant oil reserves) belong to the Republic of Texas and they ain’t sharing right now. Radio, print and film are all that’s left of media and communications in the larger world. And right now, that world is on the brink of war between north and south … hemispheres, that is. Unfortunately, New Atlantis found itself right in the thick of it and may even have been the flashpoint. Such a predicament for our heroes… but now that the world has been described, we gotta have a story, right?