Webcomics Moving To Webcomics Nations

The Tenth Life of Pishio the Cat is leaving GraphicSmash to go independent. The entire series will move to a new Webcomics Nation site and here on out, the entire archives will be free to read.

Nominated for “Best Newcomer” in the 2005 WCCA, Pishio is a dark adventure story about a nasty cat who has gotten another chance at life in order to complete a mission for the powers above and below. New chapters start up in October.

Also, Monique MacNaughton (aka Coydog) is publishing online at WCN work previously publshing in print under the umbrella title of Arrowflight. Other work by MacNaugton is also on WCN here.

Arrowflight is an alternate near-future epic inspired by actual events in Canadian history, but with a decidedly supernatural twist. Imagine having a supercharged, sapient, shape-changing jet fighter from the past for a “foster brother”, and “he” is the only family you have left! In a world where free society is in partial collapse, with its enemies sharpening their knives for a much-anticipated feast, it will take mighty forces to protect and preserve all that is worth living for. Continue Reading


Graphic Smash Updates: UNA Frontiers Debuts and New Artist for Aces High

Begining next month, John Holtgrew will be the artist for Aces High. Season 2 of the serial begins at GraphicSmash on September 15th, 2004. Aces High will continue to be written by the Marvelous Patric. Previews of John Holtgrew’s artwork can be found at marvelouspatric.com.

UNA Frontiers, the post-apocalyptic comic that cut its teeth on DrunkDuck, debuted on GraphicSmash this past August 13. The creator, Monique MacNaughton, hopes to present her epic storyline to a whole new group of readers in addition to those who are already loyal fans. Continue Reading


UNA Frontiers Debuts at Drunk Duck!!

UNA Frontiers, the post-apocalyptic web comic with a difference, is moving over to Drunk Duck for the benefit of those who like to start from the beginning and in smaller bites. This will enable the comic to reach a wider audience faster and serve readers with faster and more timely updates. The beauty of Drunk Duck’s hosting system is that readers can enter commentary directly on the page! The best is yet to come! Continue Reading


UNA Frontiers: For those who like it post-apocalyptic!

Three hundred years after a cataclysmic war with space-based weapons, human civilization has barely clawed its way back to a nineteenth-century standard of living. Sail, steam and living horsepower are once again the mainstays of life. High technology survives only in isolated enclaves such as the undersea city of New Atlantis. Such wealth, however, is a prize for anyone with the force to grab it, and these doctrinaire pacifists find out to their regret that human nature hasn’t changed one whit in the last three centuries. With their home in the hands of a brutal South American empire, two Neoatlantian refugees must seek help from the Union of North America and its allies. One of these refugees is human. The other… something else. Separated from each other, each must make their way through a huge, startling new world. If you like robust adventure, likeable heroes, hissable villains, technological contrasts, political intrigues and all with a dash of post-apocalyptic flavour, then UNA Frontiers may be right up your alley! Follow the link off the Coydog Press homepage Continue Reading