There’s No Such Thing As Writer’s Block

Years ago I was looking at how much cartooning — writing, pencilling, inking, and coloring — was required to keep Schlock Mercenary going each day, and I asked myself how I could possibly be doing it. Because without knowing how, I WAS doing it. And while thinking along these lines I began to wonder whether discovering how it was done would have some sort of quasi-quantum effect, wherein I find that I can either know how its done, or do it, but not both.

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Open Soapbox: Webcartoonists Are Communists

Webcartoonists are communists.

That’s right… they’re all commies. Or maybe socialists, but that’s as close as should make no difference to someone who is merely ‘left-wing,’ let alone decently ‘conservative.’ See, a REAL cartoonist is paid by a large, properly-capitalist organization called, in true Republican fashion, a Syndicate. He or she pours creative energy into work that is edited, collated, marketed, and pushed to the Free Press, where it can be shared with millions of humor-hungry people in exchange for newspaper subscriptions. It is The American Way (in America, and even in countries that claim to hate America… it’s still the American Way.)

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