A Trio of PREviews by Damonk

For all the recent growing hubbub about webcomics and their place in the Serious Art World, sometimes it’s nice to be able to forget about striving for "award-winning" quality or mindboggling innovation. Rather than study and dissect the Professional Aspirants out there, sometimes you just want to enjoy a nice, simple laugh.

Admit it – it’s nice to be able to go read a webcomic that may not be breaking new ground or showcasing Alex Ross-ian art, but that is just FUN, right?

It’s that sinful little sugary snack you sneak in your mouth when you think no one is looking at you in the study hall. Not at all on your list of healthy diet brain foods, it’s yummy and delicious and exactly what you want, even if not what you think you know you need.

Here is a PREview trio of such FUN new webcomic reads; they may not drastically change your worldview or bring about earthshattering enlightenment, but they may be good for a nice ‘n’ easy distracting chuckle. Continue Reading

Playing With The Queen of Wands: An Interview with Aeire

Queen of Wands is about Shannon and Felix and Kestrel. Shannon and Felix are married but Felix and Kestrel used to date. Felix and Shannon used to be married to other people. Kestrel liked Seamus but Seamus liked Angela. Angela told Kestrel that she told Seamus that Kestrel liked Seamus. If this sounds like a webcomic about relationships and romance and just real life, well, that's because it is.

Queen of Wands creator Aeire spent a few minutes at the keyboard recently answering some of our questions.

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Plotting the Vectors by T Campbell

I raise my hand and flap it in the air, quickly, but not too hard. I want to look a little eccentric, but not crazy – just weird enough that I might have something interesting to say.

The Otakon panel moderator takes interest in (or pity on) me. He passes me the microphone. I arch an eyebrow challengingly at the guests – cartoonists from Applegeeks, Little Gamers, Paradox Lost, Mac Hall, and the "other" Avalon – and say…

"Webcomics. 2009. Where are we?" Continue Reading

Tallying Up a Sheep’s Accolades: An Interview with Adrian Ramos

If popularity were sheep, Adrian Ramos would be counting to infinity.

Count Your Sheep surfaced very recently on the sequential dream scene, only to leap over the hurdles of obscurity and into the greener grass on the popular side. Now part of Keenspot, Ramos' webcomic is winning awards and gaining new readers faster than you can knit one or pearl two.

In the ensuing interview, a non-sheepish David Wright lets Ramos spin a few yarns about CYS's amazing success, its beginnings, and its inspiration. Some Moo-ish wisdom is shared, and perhaps a tear or two shed in the process.

One thing is certain: Ramos' recountings will NOT put you to sleep.

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