Let There Be Ink: A Fantasy Webcomicking God-play Primer by Catherine Harrell

The creator of a fantasy webcomic has a surprising amount of power. Without the standard limitations of a real world setting, a story can take off in any direction. The creator sets the course, makes the rules, and somehow brings about the end result. Such creative freedom provides incredible opportunities for the ambitious storyteller.

A fantasy webcartoonist can literally build a universe from scratch, with innovative characters, concepts, situations and worlds. Continue Reading

To Hilarity and Beyond: an interview with Melonpool’s Steve Troop

Steve Troop has been zipping across the webcomic cosmos since 1996, making a name for himself online and across the convention circuit with a unique panache and sincere friendliness all his own. Creator of the hilariously funny, 'sci-fi but not quite sci-fi' humor strip Melonpool, Troop is a Genuine Nice GuyTM in addition to being a highly talented cartoonist who dabbles in both animation and puppetry, among other interests. While he considers himself still pretty low-key in the webcomic popularity circles, he is one of those rare cartoonists who has managed to sell his work in print with moderate to decent success.

Prior to heading out to this year's San Diego ComicCon (where he will be sharing a booth with Futurama star voice Billy West, among others!), Troop took the time to sit back and talk with Comixpedia about his work, his puppets, his unique convention booths and marketing tactics, as well as why the comic ended at the end of June… or has it???

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I Hate You All by Dalton Wemble

Save The Elves!!!

The only thing worse than being embarrassed – that squirmy, wormy, queasy embarrassment, like when your pants rip open during an assembly, or when you fall off your bike in front of that girl (or guy) you really like in Grade Three – the only thing worse than that sort of embarrassment is when you don’t feel it for yourself, but for somebody else.
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Form Is Function by John Barber

Collaboration of One?

The Comics medium is often a collaborative medium. This is particularly true in "mainstream" American and European comics, but a lot of independent or alternative comics are also produced in a collaborative setting.

I’ve been writing the last couple of these columns about comics scriptwriting, with the implication that I’m talking about comics created by several hands. I’ve been referring to the writer and the artist as though these are two separate entities, but the things I’ve been writing about hold true (in as much as they hold true at all) for a single creator, as well. Continue Reading

Catty or Chatty? CotC’s Jamie Robertson talks with Al Schroeder

For over five years now in the Clan of the Cats, Jamie Robertson has been chronicling the adventures of a witch/were-panther in the person of Chelsea Chattan. He has also introduced two spin-offs, Mythos and Magic on Graphic Smash and Melpomene on Keenspot Premium. In this interview with Al Schroeder, Robertson talks about his comic, chivalry, and his gaggle of cats.

Cheesecake Chelsea may also be invoked. Continue Reading

Interview with Angels? Al Schroeder talks with Nathan Salvio and Peter Haynes

For over two years now, fans of beautiful graphics in space battle scenes and beautiful female characters have been aware of Angels 2200, a series set in a well-developed future where most men have died off in the previous generation due to a bioengineered plague. With a gritty military militarism similar to Space: Above and Beyond but with a cast and a sense of fun not unlike the first Charlie’s Angels movie, Peter Haynes and Nathan Savio have been pursuing this unique vision. Continue Reading

Open Soapbox by Brian Daniel

Heroes, Kids, and Hope

Tonight was the night I’d been waiting a year for.

Spiderman 2 was finally out, and while I’d promised my friends back in my old college town I’d see it with them on Friday, the geek in me was screaming to see it ASAP. So I bought my ticket a day in advance, put off drawing my comic for a few hours, and headed out to the theater. Continue Reading