Friday Updates

Yesterday Italy, today Serbia: Egon reports that GRRR!, the International Comics Festival starts tomorrow in Pancevo, Serbia.

As far as superhero movies go, a really twisted, scary sure-to-succeed if not f’ed by executives would be Dr. Strange. Wes Craven or Sam Raimi would be all over that. (Raimi especially would be an interesting choice as I’d bet he could land a Spiderman-size budget for what would likely be a very Evil Dead-like movie). I’m just agreeing (mostly) here with Neilalien and 2 Guys Buying Comics.

A new issue of the renamed CG Newsletter (previously Keenspace Newsletter) is out. There’s an interview and review dedicated to Legostar Galactica.

Last, my brother who works in the Gulf of Mexico, has updated his website (which has a blog plus a webcomic called Sea Snafu): Ubigod’s World. When and if folks can get back to work on cleaning up the aftermath of Katrina he’s going to be really busy.

UPDATE: The new ComicGenesis main page design contains pogs (i.e., circular banners). In the CG forums there is a call for artists to submit pogs for their webcomics so that they can be displayed on the main page. Similarly, CG is asking for images of GenChan, ComicGenesis’ mascot to be rotated on the main page. Continue Reading


Tribute to Webcomics on Newgrounds

There’s a flash movie called “Tribute to webcomics” on Newgrounds. You can watch it here. Its creator is Van Douchebag, author of a young online comic Whyte Hydra.

You may agree or disagree with his choice of presented comics, but Van Douchebag is trying to present webcomics to a whole new world of potential readers. And, in case of Newsgrounds, it’s not insignificant number of potential readers. That’s why I think it’s important to go there and vote for this flash movie, to help put webcomics plug on front page of Newsgrounds. Continue Reading