Stumptown Comics Fest announces first Guests

The Stumptown Comics Fest, a “creator-oriented” comic-con will take place Saturday, October 1, 2005 in Portland, Oregon on the campus of Portland State University. At this year’s SCF will be Derek Kirk Kim, the creator of Same Difference and Other Stories and Michel Gagné, who worked on animated features, The Iron Giant and Star Wars: Clone Wars.

If you’re interested in exhibiting, send in your registrations in as soon as possible! The current ‘Early-bird’ rate of $10 for a half table, $20 for a full table will expire on July 1st, and the regular rates will kick in at $20 for a half and $40 for a full table. The registration forms can be downloaded online here. Continue Reading


Circle Weave archives available with BitPass

Until now, the only way that new readers to the popular fantasy comic strip The Circle Weave could read the archives of the series and find out what happened previously in the story was to pay a small monthly fee to subscribe to, host of a number of premium online comics. However, with the introduction of micropayment service BitPass as an option, readers can now purchase access to the Circle Weave archives a chapter at a time directly from series creator Indigo Kelleigh — at a much lower price. Continue Reading


Purchase Circle Weave Preview Art Through BitPass Micropayments

Starting this week, anxious readers can purchase access to a new desktop picture featuring the artwork to the upcoming fourth chapter of The Circle Weave. The artwork for the new cover features a mysteriously glowing image of Rowan, sword raised in preparation for battle. Behind him can be seen the image of a large, tangled mass emerging from the misty wood.

The new picture is available at, but unlike the other desktop pictures there, this one is not available for free. Series creator Indigo Kelleigh has chosen to make the download for each individual screen resolution available for the cost of a five-cent ‘donation’, made possible thanks to the new micropayment solution called BitPass ( Continue Reading