Stumptown Comics Fest announces first Guests

The Stumptown Comics Fest, a “creator-oriented” comic-con will take place Saturday, October 1, 2005 in Portland, Oregon on the campus of Portland State University. At this year’s SCF will be Derek Kirk Kim, the creator of Same Difference and Other Stories and Michel Gagné, who worked on animated features, The Iron Giant and Star Wars: Clone Wars.

If you’re interested in exhibiting, send in your registrations in as soon as possible! The current ‘Early-bird’ rate of $10 for a half table, $20 for a full table will expire on July 1st, and the regular rates will kick in at $20 for a half and $40 for a full table. The registration forms can be downloaded online here.

More info on this year’s guests:

Derek Kirk Kim’s work first appeared in 1996 with a couple of attempts at a comics series from Antarctic Press, followed shortly by art chores on ‘Duncan’s Kingdom’ for Image comics (written by Gene Yang). But he really hit the comics world’s radar with ‘Same Difference’, a comic serialized over the course of several years at, and later collected in the self-published ‘Same Difference and Other Stories’ (currently available through Top Shelf Productions). This modest collection of comics has earned Derek an Ignatz, a Harvey, AND an Eisner award. He also recieved the Xeric grant to publish the original self-published edition. He’s currently working on a new graphic novel for First Second Books, as well as writing an original graphic novel for Vertigo, with artwork by his friend and new Portland resident Jesse Hamm. But Derek is taking the time to join us at the Fest, and we’re proud to have him!

Michel Gagné began his career as an animator in 1985, working for Don Bluth Animation on such films as “All Dogs Go to Heaven”, “An American Tail”, and “The Land Before Time”. His more recent animation work includes “The Iron Giant” and the “Star Wars: Clone Wars” animated series for Cartoon Network. Since 1998, Michel has also been garnering acclaim for his children’s books and comics, with more than 10 self-published books in his catalog, including “The Search For Meaning: The Story of Rex”, “Odd Numbers”, and “Insanely Twisted Rabbits”, as well as an ongoing comic series titled “Zed”. Michel has also created a wonderfully bizarre 40-page silent Batman story titled ‘Spore’, and recently landed the prime slot kicking off the second volume of the Eisner-nominated “Flight” anthology. Michel joins us at the Comics Fest to show some of his previous animation work and to talk about his upcoming series of animated shorts, “Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppet Show”.



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  1. Correction: The ‘Flight’ anthology was not nominated for an Eisner, it was nominated for a Harvey.

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