Welton Colbert Guest Week

Welton Colbert, the world self-renowned comic reviewer, and retired cartoonist, is having a guest week.

Have you ever wanted Welton to review your work? Here's your chance. Draw a comic about Welton reviewing your comic. That's right, you get to review your own strip.

Things have been picking up for Welton. From his humble beginnings at RyanEstrada.com, he's moved onto the Webcomics Examiner, Comixpedia, Webcartoonist's Choice Awards, Webcomic Telethon, Adult Webcomic Telethon, Whispered Apologies, Squid and Ink, and many more.

But that's way too much work for an old man like Welton. So many webcomics to review, so little interest in reviewing them.
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Custom 24 Hour Comic Auction!

Crazy old Ryan Estrada is back up to his old tricks. Right now, to help finance his big move to India, he’s auctioning off a custom 24 hour comic. He’ll do a 24 pager about whatever you want, send you the original art, and give you the rights to publish it. You can send a title, a story idea, or even send a link to your comic or character, and get a 24 page guest strip. Click here to get all the info or to bid. Continue Reading