Being Unique… Part #2

Whereas in the last thing I wrote about I was looking at just some of the many (and there's tons out there)Â unique ideas that webcomics do, such as theme tunes, animated ideas and the like, however one thing that bugs me (and a few other people – just in case you start having a go at me) is the same.

I visit a webcomic for two reasons. (1) I love the art and (2) because its usually different. Often I usually don't notice if they're different, however when you visit two sites one after another (usually by links) and then a third and realise they're the same, it kinda annoys the pants off you.

One such example of this similiarity is WordPress. Now I think it's amazing that people are giving out software for free for people who have no HTML skill to actually set up their webcomic. WordPress is one of many things that are out there, but WordPress is a horror I've found at bringing the same sorta layout throughout.

Okay, people can't be that good at HTML, but I'm sure they can change a colour, alter a thing here and that, make a different, make a uniqueness.

Look at CannedHam and Two Steps Back, two great webcomics in their own right, however similar because of the way they look. Okay the background may be different and they may have a unique top, but the way the blog at the bottom of the webcomic looks just doesn't have that uniqueness that maybe webcomic artists need to look at and change. Even if it's altering it for one centimeter (or pixel in this world), might make all the difference.

Wally and Osborne (originally On The Rocks) uses the same WordPress, probably started off with the same template but if you look, it doesn't look like anything else, it looks unique. He's changed the design to suit him, maybe altering certain numbers, certain text and made it into something else.

So please use WordPress, webcomic artists who have no HTML but fantastic artwork (or an idea) use a program that helps you, but if you are, be unique, be different and be special!



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