C. Ulture Shock creator passes away

Selena “Kitsune76” Ulrich of England passed away, after battling with acute leukemia. She had just turned 28.

Ulrich was the creator and writer of C. Ulture Shocked, a webcomic with a modest cult following that lasted from 2000-2002. She was a dear friend to many in the webcomics community, and though her comic had been put on indefinite hiatus near the end of 2002, she had always wanted to start again.

She never left the webcomics community, posting regularly in forums and journals, and was known for her keen intelligence and wit, as well as her incredible kindness.

Sandra Fuhr, creator of Boy Meets Boy and Friendly Hostility, recalls fond memories of Selena:
“We’d have long rambling chats, and whenever she caught me late at night, she’d scold me for not being in bed, but relent. She was bloody brilliant and very witty. She discussed religion and philosophy with me in excess when I was really, really lost. She loved Neil Gaiman and N’s Nice Hair. She told me the Aztec gods smiled at me with bared teeth — but they smile like that at everyone.”

She will be missed.




  1. Oh god. Kits is dead? That’s horrible! She was a great person, really friendly and funny.

  2. Two untimely deaths in a relatively short period of time for the webcomic community? Weird. And sad. I feel sorry for the families and friends.

  3. Kitsune was one of the first online readers who wrote me. The character of “Selena” in Gisele Lagace’s COOL CAT STUDIO is loosely based on her.

    I remember Kitsune and I had a lively discussion when I wrote “Selena” out. I had intentions to bring her back at some point, if I could do it in a way that wouldn’t make Liz too happy.

    I lost track of her in the last year or two. I had no idea she was even ill.

    This is terrible news.


  4. Selena and I had actually launched our webcomics on the very same day, way back when…

    In part because of that, and in a much larger part because she was just such a wonderfully nice and intelligent, sharp-witted and open-minded, and definitely just an all-around wonderful girl, we developed a long online friendship — one that I will always regret now that remained online.

    I would have dearly loved to meet her in person, and I thank her for all her kindnesses and advice and conversation of the past few years.

    She was truly a good person, and she will be missed.

  5. Although I never met Selena in person, I considered her a great friend and I will miss her deeply. She truly was a genuinely nice person. So young… and with such potential… it is very sad. May you find peace, Selena… and say hi to Schulz for me — G. Lagace

  6. This is very sad news indeed. Selina and I had corresponded several times in the past. She was a great person to chat with, just the right amount of spice and vinegar. I will miss her very much. 🙁

  7. I’ll miss her. I am shocked and saddened by this. She was great. 🙁


  8. Kate Bolin (katemonkey on livejournal) has a paypal donation thing set up, all money collected will be donated in Selena’s memory to whichever charity her parents decide.

    Details here.


    Robert Lawrence.

  9. Thanks to all who donated, in total 80 GBP was collected and passed on to SCOPE, the UK charity for those affected by cerebral palsy.

    We gave a card to Selena’s parents at the memorial service yesterday with the name of everyone who donated.


    Robert Lawrence.

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