First and Last: Player Vs Player

PvP has been around since May 4, 1998. Scott Kurtz's strip had one major change when he redesigned the characters but otherwise the art style has evolved incrementally. Although Kurtz does drop in color from time to time the bulk of the comic is black and white.

First PvP from 1998 featuring characters Francis and Robbie

PvP from 2006 featuring characters Robbie and Jase

Recent PvP featuring characters Francis, Cole and Marcie.

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First and Last: Sluggy Freelance

Pete Abram's Sluggy Freelance is one of the longest running webcomics out there. In some ways it hasn't changed dramatically – looking at our first from 1999 and our last from 2006 next to each other the changes seem evolutionary and not revolutionary.



Of course for certain storylines such as "Oceans Unmoving", Pete Abrams has also ventured far from his usual style and produced more elaborate artwork for Sluggy.

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