Yirmumah is working a new corner, as today it launches what could be an all new model for webcomic creators. Sure other webcomics have had litte clubs before, but NOT like this one. READ FULL STORY-

Fayette-Nam Pennsylvania, April 1st 2005- The free daily webcomic YIRMUMAH launches it’s official fanclub today at

For about the price of 3 cents a day, Fanclub members will be treated to seeing comics “fresh” from the creators desk, meaning instead of waiting for the daily update, you have complete acccess to any comics they have done and waiting– if they upload 4 comics today, the fans see them first– fresh, raw and unedited. Members can also choose to have new strips e-mailed direct to them daily from the creators with special information and insight on each strip.

The club also includes a private forum and bonus content, the first installment of which is the original 16 page minicomic from 1998– (over 237 panels of bonus content.) Beyond comics content, all active members are in the running for the monthly prize giveaway which plans on giving away everything from Original Artwork to customized Yirmumah gear like a PSP or XBOX, all depending on the amount of club members who join.

“I want our work to be more than just a comic you read, I want it to be an experience and escape for our readers. I really want them to be a part of what we do and why we do it. This club puts you right here at the tiki bar (where i draw the comics) with us. ” says series artist, D.J. Coffman.

Membership to the club has it’s rewards. Active members can refer friends in and make a generous commission doing so.

When asked about the referrel program, writer Bob McDeavitt had this to say, “This is really a way to say thanks to the hardcore fans who praise our work anyway, so we figured they should get a cut of the action too. Even if it’s only enough to buy a value meal every month. Our readers need to eat too!”

Currently the price of the club is $12 annually, or $2.50 a month. The comic still updates daily for free and the archives remain free to the public.

YIRMUMAH is the free daily webcomic Free Daily Webcomic by D.J. Coffman and Bob McDeavitt.
Get all the details on CLUB YIRMUMAH at . Or contact the creators directly by e-mail at:

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