Comic Con Swag

Comic Con is officially over and I’m going through all the items received at the convention. I’ll do an update later of all the news and tidbits picked up.

Until then, is a photo of all the comic con swag I bought and received during the entire five days.

Among them (in no particular order):
-Space Punks #2 by Josep Blas

-Patrick the Wolf Boy: The Giant Size Collection Vol. 1 and 2 by Art Baltazar and Franco
-Martin’s Misdirection: I Need A Hare Transplant By James Burks
-I Like Eating: An Adventure in Food by Thein Pham
-And Then One Day Sketchbook by Ryan Claytor
-Emily Edison by David Hopkins and Brock Rizy
-Bento Box: Selected Comics from the Honolulu Advertiser 1996-2006 by Deb Aoki
-Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed? by Liz Prince
-Spaz: The Legends of the Super Dorks by Brett C. Nance
-Red-E and the Lynnx: The Sublime and the Ridiculous by Chris Fowler
-Real Perceptive Magic by Jeanie Miller
-Greatest Hits (sketchbook) Vol. 2 by Adam Hughes
-Kingdom of Loathing: The Home Game by Josh Night and Nathan Conner
-Adult Swim book of postcards
-Lighting Lady by Brad J. Guigar
-Unarmed Tales: Tales from the Decidedly Weird Vol. 2 by Sean Kelley
-Hush Nightwing action figure
-Don’t Eat the Electric Sheep Issue 4 by Joe Flood
-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning keychain
-Darkhorse keychain