Dates The Word

Webcomics in Print is gathering together to get a collection of webcomic artists and writers birthdays in some secret project that should be unveiled later on. If you're interested email moovok(at)yahoo(dot)com or comment on this post below with your name, webcomic and your date of birth. Thank you for your time and remember dates the word!

UPDATE: You don't have to have your webcomic in print to send me the info, just as long as you have a webcomic (or used to)




  1. OK, I’m game. My name is Miguel Estrugo and I was born in October 15, 1972.

    And my comic is right at my signature.

  2. ooo! a secret birthday project – me likey.


    Chris Jones
    March 21, 1973
    comic:Â Grumps

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