Jamie Robertson


  1. Panel 2:

    “Watch for signs such as many people suffering from watery eyes, twitching, choking, having trouble breathing or losing coordination.”

    If “many people” around me are twitching and choking, I’m afraid it’s probably too late for me. But, hey, I’ll keep my eyes peeled!



  2. They also tell us to always keep half a tank of gas in our cars… as a reminder as to why we’re
    in this mess in the first place. 😉
    (Thank you TDS!)

  3. Good grief.. NOOOO!!!! NO NONONONONONONONO!! I am not going to take part in spreading senseless panic. While it can be an educational tool, buying into the information the government and the media give is ridiculous. Anyone recall the ‘procedures’ for living through a nuclear attack in the fifties?

    YES! And you too can be saved by a sheet of newspaper! Buy one now, everyone should carry a newspaper around for cheap protection! *It’s a ploy from the newspaper companies! ;)* Now they’re telling you that a door will protect you from radiation? Or laying flat on the ground? Or plastic from a chemical attack… while you’re slowly suffocating from the buildup of toxins from your own breathing?

    It is a darn good time for making fun of how ridiculous it is. *Waits for a Penn & Teller Bulls**t episode on terrorist attacks now.*

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