Fetus-X Hacked

Eric Millkin and Casey Sorrow’s Comic site, Fetus-X, was hacked by Antiwar propagandists from Yugoslavia. In the Fetus-X forum, Millkin explained the haxxors replaced the Website with “a vague, poorly-worded anti-war statement“.

“Considering 90% of everything on my site is a supremely eloquent, carefully-honed anti-war statement, well, sh**, that just seems a bit counter-productive. I mean, go hack whitehouse.gov and put up your crude antiwar statement, but don’t put your weak-a** antiwar statements over my antiwar comics, antiwar blog, antiwar porn collection, etc.”

Millkin found the haxxors and responded to them on their on board, however his response was later removed. To read Eric’s response, just go HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page. You can read the full story at Eric’s Live Journal as well.


Jamie Robertson