Drunk Duck’s THIRD Anthology

Drunk Duck is looking for submissions for their third anthology book.

We’re currently looking for submissions for our printed book: Drunk Duck Volume 3 (Tentatively called “Drunk on Laughter”).

As many of you know, we have printed an anthology book for Drunk Duck twice now (one per year), and they’re a lot of fun and a nice fund raiser for Drunk Duck costs.

I’ve tried to create a comprehensive SUBMISSION GUIDELINES instructions sheet, and I think it’s got all of the information you’ll need if you’re interested in joining us for Book 3. If there are any significant changes, I’ll let you know.

Thank you.

Chuck Rowles (Drunk Duck, Vice President)

P.S. You either have to be a current or previous Drunk Duck member – that’s it for qualifications. Oh, and have a good short story to tell. 😉