Gutterflycomix Now Offers Webcomic Creators Free Hosting and Community

From a small online comics website start up to a fully functional pop-culture hub and webcomics host, Gutterflycomix now offers free, no ads webhosting, comic and creator promotion and a nurturing community in which to thrive.

In addition, you can read the first four episodes of the Gutterflycomix flagship webcomic, Green: Wicked Wicked Ways online. Episode five is scheduled to debut this summer.

“Helping out the little guy.” founders Thomas Clemmons and Gary Burch tout that phrase as if it were some sort of mantra. In reality, still being considered “little guys” themselves, it is the company’s long term goal.

“Honestly Gary and I have been pretty successful in achieving what we set out to do with online comics to this point. We have created a high quality multimedia comic, that isn’t humor based, and founded a high traffic web site around that comic. Now we want to help others that are just starting out to do the same thing.” comments Amarillo, Texas based visual artist, Thomas Clemmons. “When we first came up with the idea of and our flagship title Green: Wicked Wicked Ways, there really weren’t that many people on the web doing serious, long form comics. When we began, most online comics were gag strip comics so Gary and I had to sort of forge the path as we went along.”

One of the new paths that was forged was the innovative and creative use of an original musical score in the flash portion of the comic. “Very few comics at the time were using music or audio sound effects.” said Gary Burch, co-founder of the website and composer for the comic. “What I wanted to do was create an original score for each comic episode. My thoughts were if we had great music with great art and story, people would eventually come to realize that online comics could be a vital part of the entertainment business.”

But becoming a vital part of any industry isn’t a solitary task. That is precisely the reason has launched their web hosting service. “The number one reason we have decided to host other online comics is to give the other guy a break, a shot at becoming more than they are right now.” Said Clemmons.

In order to qualify for hosting at, all you have to do is ask. It’s that simple. The only restriction being that the content within the comic and the hosted site remain within a PG rating.

“We realize that kids as well as adults are on the internet and that our market consists mainly of kids and teenagers.” says Clemmons. “We wanted to create, and now host, comics that we wouldn’t be embarrassed by if our own kids read them. So far, of all the comics we host, no one has really had a problem with keeping their content PG and, again, in the long run it will help them become better creators too.”

To find out more about their web hosting program and to read all of the comics already hosted, visit their site or send them email via