Get Mini BifSniff Cartoons For Your Weblog

Get a new smaller-size BifSniff webcomic for your blog every week. BifSniff Cartoons are now offering a scaled-down version of the webcomic for blogs.

We believe BifSniff cartoons are best enjoyed alongside other content. It’s been the traditional role of the single panel cartoon to slot into a magazine or paper and act as its light relief. So while some people will enjoy the collected works as they appear on, they’ll mostly work better as a smile-inducing momentary distraction.

This brings us round to the fastest growing and most profligate of content delivery systems on the internet – weblogs. BifSniff Cartoons are themselves delivered through a blog and have been gaining great popularity amongst the blogging community. So it is, from our perspective, an entirely natural progression to offer our free automatically updating cartoons in a blog friendly form. These new Mini-BifSniffs are specifically designed to slot into a weblogs side-bar.

All you have to do to have a BifSniff Cartoon on your blog is cut-and-paste our free code into your site. The code for both regular and mini BifSniff Cartoons is available here.