Furthering Webcomics: An Exercise in Philanthropy

Role playing time.

You are appointed the head of a fledgling philanthropic organization whose purpose is to further the advancement of webcomics as a medium. You have a budget of $10,000 per year. How do you chose to spend the money?

Do you spend it on advertising?

Do you establish something akin to the Xeric Foundation?

Do you get Xerexes a license plate with the initials "CMXPDA"?

You can spend the money however you think best, keeping in mind the goal is to advance webcomics as a medium somehow, either by raising awareness to a broader audience, assisting aspiring creators in getting their ideas off the ground and on the web, or some other way.

Followup question: Is the answer different if the budget is $50,000?


Iain Hamp

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