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Thoughts about advancing your career, participating in a 24 Hour Comic Challenge, and a picture of me with udders. All this and more behind the "read more" veil!Â

The guest post on the front page of Penny Arcade Friday was a pretty interesting look into the path of one person's career as they searched for a job that fit well. What strikes me most about his advice is that it does not simply apply to getting a job in the video game industry. Success in any career comes down to identifying opportunities and seizing on them, making and cultivating contacts, being confident in your skills, and then of course actually having the skills to be confident in. My personal experience, at least in the corporate world, is that confidence is the single most illusive and most important part.Â

The "official locations" for 24 Hour Comics Day have been announced. The event takes place October 7th. But what about webcomics? As I read through the guidelines for being an official location, and for participating in the official event, there isn't any mention of the webcomic version of the 24 Hour Comic Challenge (100 panels finished and online in 24 hours). Such a thing would of course require a virtual location where people could put their work up, and a good communications structure to motivate each other as the day progresses.Iain at Cow Appreciation Day 2005

If any of you happen to fancy doing your webcomics dressed as a cow, this is your week to shine! Every year, Chik-Fil-A celebrates Cow Appreciation Day in July, and gives a full combo meal away to anyone dressing in full heifer. You get partial credit (a free entree) for "partial cow attire" such as a cow-print purse, hat, etc. And yes, I speak from experience (see photo).


Iain Hamp

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