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Drunk Duck

Finding the Right Webhost

I thought this post by Novil of Sandra and Woo was a pretty good overview of issues with hosting, particularly as a webcomic grows its readership.  There's also a pretty good forum on webhosts at the Comicpress site.

UPDATE: A long thread at ComixTalk from 2006 and renewed in 2008 actually shows up pretty high on the Googleplex results. No offense but the fact that Drunk Duck is still around isn't always on my mind -- how has their performance as a webhost been this year?  I also set up a SmackJeeves account -- that's been around awhile too but would love to hear updated views on its performance this year.

Wowio Buys

MarketWatch is reporting the Wowio bought from Platinum Studios.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Snarky commentary from Digital Strips and FLEEN.

Action Teenz Issue 2 in production

This is the first page from Issue 2 of Action Teenz, which is being updated on Drunk Duck as it is produced until a full preview can be available. Click the image for the link.

As for the first issue, it can be downloaded in full at DrivethruComics

A Video Journal of my Books Progress

I'm just getting started up again on the graphic novel SPiDERS so I'm producing some video logs of the books progress. In this video I'm working on a page in the second chapter of my graphic novel called SPiDERS. I use a variety of tools and stuff during a time lapse sequence. I hope ya diggs.  My YouTUBE Channel:

Page 11 is scheduled to be posted on 11.09.09 Monday on both sites listed below:



Webcomic Beacon #76 & #77 - How NOT to Make a Webcomic (Two Parts)

Adam Smithee (Apple of Discord) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss at least 10 things you shouldn’t do when making a webcomic.

Epic Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan storyline The Corby Tribe remastered on Drunk Duck

A revised, remaster of the epic Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan storyline The Corby Tribe starts its run as a daily comic on ROCR's mirror site on Drunk Duck!

Webcomic Beacon #71 - DrunkDuck!

Webcomic Beacon #71 - DrunkDuck!:  Skool Munkee (Drunk Duck profile) and Black Kitty (Acrylic Moon) join Fes and Mark to discuss the Drunk Druck webcomics community (Tanya is away this week).  This week we set our Impressions on Road Crew and Strange Ways. We would also like to Spotlight: Dawn of time and Thorn!

Kevin Wolf Gives up on Drawing (New Comics)

Hello, my name is Kevin Wolf, and I'm the guy who gives up on new comics projects after a few weeks and then disappears for a year or more.  Check out my new projects at Drunk Duck, won't you?  Deadwall and Public Domain, both still in their infancy, may draw a smile from you from time to time.  Both strips contain profanity, so please don't read them from work if your boss is totally lame.

Thank you.

The Webcomic Heard 'Round the World: An Interview with Lora Innes of The Dreamer

Lora Innes is the creator of the popular historical fiction webcomic The Dreamer about Beatrice “Bea” Whaley whoose dreams about a Revolutionary War soldier named Alan Warren lead her into adventure.  Issue #1 of the print series from publisher IDW came out in November and the webcomic is up to episode #123 (page 23 of Issue #50).  I got a chance to interview Lora via email earlier this fall.

An Interview with J Thomas of Between Failures

J Thomas is the creator of Between Failures, a funny webcomic about life working in retail.  It's been running since 2007 and I think it's shown tremendous growth over that time, with big improvements in the artwork and just general "staging" of the composition of the comics.

I talked to Thomas via email this month about his webcomic.