Reman Mythology Webcomic Halts Production

Amy Kim Ganter has announced that she will halt production on her webcomic Reman Mythology, but adds that she has no intention of abandoning the story. She hopes to eventually make a completely redrawn print version.

I’m a better writer and artist now, and thinking about the future hills and valleys of emotion and action that my characters will endure still makes my heart soar. If I want to do it justice, I must halt the production of the current version of RM and start fresh. And this time, I must do it right.

This means I won’t treat it as a hobby by only working on it between projects. The next time I draw RM will be when it’s picked up by a publisher or self published in volumes, as a series of books. Hopefully it will be the former…
one page a week or a month just isn’t enough when it comes to this kind of story. You also deserve to read it all at once or at least in huge chunks, the way it was originally meant to be read.

Reman Mythology was part of The Webcomic Examiners The Best Webcomics of 2004 list and won Best Environment Design as well as being nominated in a number of other cathegories at the 2004 WCCA. Ganter is currently creating an original manga series for Tokyopop entitled Sorcerers and Secretaries. The first two chapters are available online.



  1. Amy is a class act and a major talent.

    Just thought I’d say so. Just because. 😉

  2. “Amy Kim Ganter has announced that she will halt production on the current version of her webcomic Reman Mythology, and begin working on a new version exclusively for print publication.”

    That would be a much less misleading lead than what’s up there right now.

  3. It was indeed unintentionally misleading, I didn’t think about the way it would read when I moved the quotes beneath the “fold” (or whatever it is called). Anyways, I’ve edited it to clarify the story.

  4. Indeed, and she deserved every one of those accolades (and a few more of the awards in my opinion). I was sad to hear that she would halt the webcomic, but it is understandable that she can’t devote the time she feels it needs with a print comic in the pipeline.

  5. I completely agree with you, DJ.

    As well, she was a shining example to all webcomic artists everywhere by showing that it is indeed possible to put backgrounds in your comics. Hell, she influenced me to try to do better in my art.

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