Tangents Webcomic Reviews Join Panel 2 Panel

After a month hiatus, Tangents Webcomic Reviews is back in business with reviews, rants, and more, but now at Panel 2 Panel.com.

Panel 2 Panel.com is proud to announce that Tangents Webcomic Reviews by Robert A. Howard has officially joined and become a part of Panel 2 Panel, with his first official webcomic review on Wednesday, and a month of reviews not available at the old Keenspace site. Panel 2 Panel is also the place to find the works of Amber “Glych” Greenlee and Barb Lien-Cooper and Ryan Howe’s Gun Street Girl.

You can find Tangents Webcomic Reviews at http://www.tangents.us or at http://tangent.panel2panel.com/

Tangents updates daily with comments, rants, and web comic reviews, as well as weekly horror movie reviews by noted horror movie reviewer Steve “The Video Store Guy” Anderson every Tuesday.



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  1. Just a note. A direct link to Tangent’s Webcomic Reviews from the main page of p2p should be in effect by 9/1/05. Thank you for yuor time and attention.


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