Things We Missed About the PSP

This CNET news item from back in June points out that SONY has registered a number of PSP related trademarks, inkluding “PSP Magazine”, “PSP books” and “PSP comics”. The article notes that this may not be foretelling actual content, but simply a precaution against property poachers.

The second item in this category is the site, with the tagline “Your source for PSP optimized comics”. While the site hasn’t been updated since May as a result of “personal issues”, posts in the forum indicates that there are plans to resume operations in the future.



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  1. I downloaded the PSP firmware 2.0 update last night and tried browsing the web a bit. Let’s just say that it’s not ready for prime-time — and not just because most sites aren’t optimized for it. Several times, it completely choked up. I think this may be a memory issue — sites with a lot of content on the homepage in particular (like websnark) made it crash altogether. Just lock up. No response to the buttons at all. I had to actually remove the battery and put it back in to reboot — which can’t be healthy for the PSP itself. I won’t be using the browser at all until they come out with another upgrade, I’m afraid.

    Very disappointed. I went and registered and was all ready to, you know, actually *do* something with this. But no.


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