RPG World site updates after two years’ hiatus

It’s been about two years since RPG World last updated, so it’s not exactly surprising that by now I’d stopped checking it for new content. This made it all more pleasing recently when my Firefox bookmarks updater told me that the front page had changed!

That’s right, RPG World creator Ian Jones-Quartey has posted some new RPG World comics! They’re not unpublished-new – they were printed elsewhere before this – but they’re probably new to most readers, and they’re funny, to boot.

This doesn’t herald an immediate return to a full-time publishing schedule, or even an end to his long-unfinished story. As Jones notes on his site, "I’m not going to promise a revival of the comic. I have to say that right now. I don’t know what the future is for this. But I’m going to put up as much relevant material as I can in the meantime and draw some new RPGW stuff every once in a while."

Fans of the cartoonist may also want to check out nockFORCE, a new animated cartoon by Ian Jones-Quartey and Jim Gisriel set in "magical Brooklyn."