Teeny-Weeny News Roundup

  • Sequential Tart interviews Rich Burlew of Order of the Stick.
  • Tod Allen, author of The Economy of Webcomics, has a short essay on why last weeks Captain America media event would have benefited from digital distribution.
  • Derek Kirk Kim is working on two new books, one with Jesse Hamm and one with Gene Yang. The information is rather limited at this time, but one is slated for release this August and the other at the end of 2008 (if I read the entry correctly).
  • Preparations for the Penny Arcade Expo 2007 is well under way. If you want to save some money, there is an early-bird registration rate for those who register before March 31st.
  • Finally, from the “not-webcomics at all” department. Shaennon Garrity makes a note of a “Get Your Girl Into Comics” thread on the Johm Byrne forum.

    The thread currently running on the Byrne board is notable only because it’s such a perfect, Platonic example of the genre. It’s like a template for all Get Your Girl Into Comics threads on all comic-book forums for all eternity. It’s got every one of the essential elements