Webcomics In The News

The Associated Press has a profile on the ACT-I-VATE collective and Naples’ Daily News takes a look at webcomics, focusing mostly on the success stories of PvP and Penny Arcade.

From the AP piece:

Serialized, episodic graphic novels have been around for a while, published by behemoths Marvel and DC Comics, among other imprints. “Love & Rockets,” by Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, was the indie comics success story of the ’80s. Now, Web comics communities like ACT-I-VATE (other similar sites include Chemistry Set http://www.chemsetcomics.com/; Sugarskull http://community.livejournal.com/candycalavera/ and Lunchbox http://lunchboxcomic.blogspot.com/) have begun to develop cult-like followings.