Thursday News

Another Otakon update: Onezumi, the creator of the webcomic will be a panelist on the “Turning Fanart into a Business” panel on Friday, August 19th at 10:00AM. In addition, Onezumi will be at her Dealers Room table during the con giving live art tutorial lessons and answering questions about webcomic production and business practices. There are also rumors that the fanclub might be wandering around giving out free candy.

Mitch Clem has formally rebooted his webcomic, The Coffee Achievers with new artist Joe Dunn. Dunn is redoing all of the existing TCA strips as well as working with Clem on new installments. For now the team is posting a full chapter a week each Wednesday (Chapter One is up) but new daily installments will begin on August 29th.

Man Man brings the grammar humor!

And everyone’s linkin’ to this Daniel Clowes interview so I guess we will too.