Tracking Penny Arcade

Webcomic juggernaught Penny Arcade have made a large number of announcements lately, read on below the fold.

The Penny Arcade Expo 06 webpage is up and accepting pre-registrations. 9000 people attended PAX 05 and 06 will have even more space.

The Penny Arcade CCG (Collectible Card Game) will be available in February, or possibly even sooner via their ThinkGeek store.

The first Penny Arcade collection Attack of the Bacon Robots, published by Dark Horse, will hit stores on January 25th. Two signings are scheduled, on the 25th at the Comic Stop in Lynwood (which will have around four hundred copies of the book available, I doubt Penny Arcade will have a problem with the Diamond threshold) and on the 28th at Barnes and Noble in Bellevue, WA (scroll down for full details).




  1. CCG = Collectible Card Game

    Please PLEASE tell me you knew that.


    The question mark frightens and astounds me.

  2. Well to be absolutely honest I am unsure of the exact wording. Collectors or Collectable or something like that.

  3. Well, if that’s the problem, then I can let that slide.

    CCG = Collectible Card Game

  4. Dr. S, you may be shocked to find how few adults make it their business to know the details of children’s toys outside of buying gifts… Even if the toys are marketed to adults. I think Erik not knowing (or possibly not caring) isn’t worth getting on his ass over.

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