McCloud Making Comics

When Scott McCloud tries to explain Understanding Comics to people, he invariably gets asked if it is a “how-to” book because the overview “[a] comic book about comics that explains the inner workings of the medium and examines many aspects of visual communication along the way” may not resonate with too many people not already interested in the inner workings of comics.

Since the release of his first book, McCloud has kept busy in the lecture circuit, with seminars and workshops on comics & technology and the art of comics storytelling. These visual lectures have culminated in a new book, Making Comics, his answer to the “how-to” manual for creating comics. Continue Reading

2004 WCCA Winners Announced

The 2004 Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards were announced July 25th. Big congratulations are in order for newcomer Adrian Ramos who picked up 6 awards for Count Your Sheep. Penny Arcade remains a favorite with 5 more awards to put on their mantle, including Outstanding Website Design. Both these titles share the coveted Outstanding Comic award this year.

The full list of categories and winners follows below: Continue Reading

KeenSpot in South Dakota

It seems that the Crosbys can’t get enough education. The KeenSpot pioneers have moved to a school building in Cresbard, SD for new office space, warehouse, and living quarters. The move was prompted by Keen’s tremendous growth over the past year, making space in their Temple, CA home-based business a precious commodity. Southern California’s high operating costs couldn’t compete with the value to be found in The Mount Rushmore State, as the 41,440 square-foot building was purchased for $36,000. The vast amount of space will allow for more employees and inventory, hopefully freeing up some time to get the KeenToons animation site underway. Continue Reading


CBLDF Victorious in COPA Fight

From a Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) news post:

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund applauds yesterday’s Supreme Court decision upholding the ban on the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), a federal law which would have banned content providers from posting First Amendment protected “harmful to minors” materials online.
(The full article is posted below) Continue Reading

C. Ulture Shock creator passes away

Selena “Kitsune76” Ulrich of England passed away, after battling with acute leukemia. She had just turned 28.

Ulrich was the creator and writer of C. Ulture Shocked, a webcomic with a modest cult following that lasted from 2000-2002. She was a dear friend to many in the webcomics community, and though her comic had been put on indefinite hiatus near the end of 2002, she had always wanted to start again. Continue Reading