WIP Does It’s Thing

This week Webcomics in Print is going UK Web and Mini Comix Thing mad:

TUESDAY: We get to grips with Jon Scrivens (Little Terrors) who's just turned one year old and find out about his new merchandise

WEDNESDAY: We review the book from Dubious Tales just for the Thing convention

THURSDAY: We get to grips with Ivan Pope (boot_error) and get an inside knowledge about he must dream of stencils

FRIDAY: Another interview, this time with Eddie Bowley (Edd Egg) and find out about rumours aren't always true

SATURDAY: We have words with Chris Thomas and James Walker (RPG-TV) about their successful year and first convention

SUNDAY: And finally, if you haven't got sick of interviews, Philip Spence (Ninja Bunny) delights you with his wonderful stuff and there's a bonus interview that will only be up for ONE DAY!

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Zach Miller Is At It Again

With the Lulu Blooker Prize short-list announced Zach Miller (from Joe and Monkey) has been listed as one of the people under the hammer once again. Webcomics in Print quickly grabbed him on Friday for a quick interview about the Blooker Prize and the future of Joe and Monkey.

Also this weekend saw the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2007 take place with such webcomics as Bunny, Little Gamers, Beaver & Steve and RPG-TV donning the tables. Mike Rouse-Deane (reviewer of Webcomics in Print) details his experience in his LiveJournal Blog. A Flickr group has also been set up to document the experience for those who have photos of the event.

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Christmas Has Begun!

Webcomics in Print is celebrating Christmas like Christmas should, with a massive 12 prize donation drive to gain funds to bring all kinds of awesome (and more books) to its pages.

For each £1 people donate, one name goes into the bucket (alas we have no hat). From the 13th December – 24th December, each day one name gets picked from the bucket and one of the prizes wings its way to the winner abeit after Christmas most likely, but all a surprise as to the contents of what they receive.

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boot_error moves and top 10 uniqueness

boot_error is known for being just a webcomic but today released its first push into the animation side with a small episode featuring Panda and Brooke.

The animation, just under 2 minutes, is available to download. Currently creator Ivan Pope is looking to see about making more, that's if people like it!

Also Webcomics in Print has finally finished their Top 10 Creative and Charismatic Creations from a Webcomic World with their final top 5. To see what appeared from 6-10, have a look here!

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