Full Story Highlights: Fantasy

Last month, I complained that it was difficult to dig up enough stories to fill a full column for an “all ages” themed issue. I had no such problem this month! Of course, it’s no surprise that fantasy stories are plentiful in webcomics—fantasy comics have long been one of the most successful genres among independent print comics, from Elfquest, to Bone, to Finder. Fantasy creators continue to explore every inch of the genre, from philosophical, to action-packed, to erotic, to the downright silly.


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Full Story: An Index of Completed Webcomics Launches Today

Alexander Danner announced today the launch of Full Story, an index of completed webcomics.

The internet is, in many ways, a cult of the new. An exciting new idea can propagate through blogs, and forums, and e-mail seemingly instantaneously, such that it appears everywhere almost at once. And just as quickly, yesterday’s idea is replaced with today’s. The old idea may never be spoken of again, unless it can somehow be made new again. This is just as true of interesting webcomics as it is of anything else. Continue Reading


Picture Story Theatre: A New Story and a Free Story

To celebrate the beginning of our new story, “Young Love vs. The Shambling Monster,” which begin in earnest Wednesday, September, 6, Bill and I have decided to make a full 20 new pages of Picture Story Theatre free to non-subscribers. The free content includes the entire sixteen-page story, “Lucky Kiss,” as well as four of the illustrated poems that we published in August. Picture Story Theatre is written by Alexander Danner (“The Discovery of Spoons,” “Five Ways to Love a Cockroach“) and illustrated by Bill Duncan (“Japanimation Fist,” “Monster Hollow“). Continue Reading


Five Ways to Love a Cockroach, by Alexander Danner and Neal Von Flue

Five Ways to Love a Cockroach, a new short comic written by Alexander Danner (The Discovery of Spoons, Picture Story Theatre) and illustrated by Neal Von Flue (The Jerk, 10:30 to 12) is now online at TwentySevenLetters.com. This experiment in cynicism and infinite canvas takes a dispassionate look at love gone wrong, through the eyes of the world’s most unlovable critter.

Five Ways to Love a Cockroach makes use of the latest version of Markus Müller’s Infinite Canvas application, which provides a simple “click to advance” interface for exploring infinite canvas comics. Continue Reading


Girlamatic.com Halloween Event

Strange things are happening at GirlAMatic! Our comics are all a’jumble! Were our artists abducted by aliens? Are they the victims of mad scientists? Could it be alien mad scientists!?

Whatever the cause of the trick, the reader gets the treat! Come to GirlAMatic all Halloween week October 25th – 31st) and trick-or-treat through your favorite strips as they are seen through the eyes of completely different GAM artists.

Even WE don’t know how it’s all going to turn out.

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How to Promote Your Webcomic by NOT Promoting Your Webcomic

Here's a familiar problem: You write a webcomic that's not getting nearly as many readers as you think it deserves. You're already sending press releases to the newsmagazines, you're posting announcements in the webcomic forums, you've joined web rings, and you've slapped your logo on every product Café Press offers. Still, your readership is modest, at best. You need a more aggressive marketing plan.

One problem: like most of us, your entire marketing budget comes from between the cushions on your couch.

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